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2014年5月15日 (木)

will become a habit

Want to persistent but wasted, more is waiting but the miss. Find the achievement instead of falling, the more warm instead more torture. Too much freedom freedom, but like to sit the caged beast, but if you look right through me, what I pretended indifference


Time smug, let me feel helpless. It is a year spring, the spring wind blowing is comfortable in the face, warm sunshine and keep you warm, eventually you close your eyes and live in a beautiful dream, put everything down, down ......


More than 20 years, more than ten years of "cold reading", a deep memory of a few years, not much be together morning and night, several important decisions. 1/4 of your life, perhaps only 1/3, most of all in vain, for your selfish desire for you temporarily in living, to fulfill their own reason to finish you now want, coincidentally, then again two, a long time will become a habit, not to find reasons to comfort his heart, forget. Their. Suddenly one day you wake up, found himself nothing be left with nothing whatsoever, ask yourself the time gone.


How much you hypocritical, you live in the past how, how unlike man, this is the evaluation of your most people, "praise". One thousand readers have one thousand Hamlett, one thousand people also have one thousand different growth environment and you can't predict heart. Not everyone is like you have a happy childhood, the perfect family, happy love HKUE DSE. You never know I stand in front of you, for your smile is integrated into the atmosphere of laughter, laughter and tears you not see, my heart is you can never capture to, never.

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